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I have a few decos I would like pass along but would also like to have you send me some in exchange for these. I can only send within the USA atm. I am in need of some new decos so if you have some that you need to get moving please send them to me.

Here are the themes currently available:

Diddl Deco
Kawaii Deco
Kawaii Girls
Strawberry theme

Please email me at puakalehua(at)yahoo dot com

Thank you!!!

We've rolled up a lolipop! no wait... it's just Honey.Hello all...my name is Tanya...I'm 27 have most of my info on my profile. I'm looking for new pen pals who love writing and receiving long letters...and or small ramdom goodies from time to time...Im open to pen pals all over the world. I swap Decos...with a passion for decorating. NEAT DECOS ONLY PLEASE! No use in swapping trash. I prefer hand written letters. I've recently moved and would love to start receiving new freinds in my new mailbox...

please email or reply to this post if ur interested.
near my age range plz

Looking to get back into swapping decos...

Hey! I'm looking to get back into swapping, especially swapping decos. If anyone has any excess decos or wants to become swappers, let me know! I don't have much to trade right now, as I'm just getting back into it, but I will happily make FB's/Slams/X-Slips for you.

Thanks!! SpaceCadetCira@gmail.com

deco swappers

Hey there :)
I need some deco swappers, is there anyone here interested on swapping with me? I'm from portugal, 20 years old. I'm heavy swapper with only good quality decos.


Hi members! 
The owner/moderator here! LOL
I need your help! I am renovating the community a bit, we have a new layout and a new user-info page, I hope you'll like them! I am going to make a new icon and a new banner for the user info as well... maybe some buttons to promote the community too, if you're interested (let me know!) and I need your help for that!
I was thinking it would be nice to make them out of deco scans made by members, so it's your turn now! Feel free to comment to this post adding a scan (or a couple, not more) of decos made by you. Please make sure you delete any personal information that wouldn't be recommendable to share with the whole world on them. It would be *awesome* if you could pick reddish/hot pink colours, so that they match the layout, but any colour combination would do really!
I hope someone will be interested!
your mod, para_giaulz 

Looking for decos

If anybody needs to unload a few, I'm getting really restless, so feel free to send 'em on over. I don't currently have any, but hopefully that'll change soon and we can trade. comment with your email or send me an email with 'decos' in the subject. Thanks in advance!


excess bags

not quite decos... but i have a small pile of label envelopes and goodie bags. there's only one that has one more spot left and belongs to someone who lives in the USA.

if you're interested, please email me at spike_579@hotmail.com. i don't want anything in return, i've just found a pile of stuff that i want to move on :)

they've been taken!


Hi. :) I’ve just created a new community, aus_penpals. The main purpose is for people living in Australia to find others as penpals and swap partners. Check it out, and feel free to introduce yourself there. xp


I hope this is allowed... :]

Three grab bag envelopes still available.

Two have been claimed, and I really need to get these going.  Anyone else interested?  (Also, if you're outside the US, go ahead and ask for one. :)  )

Deco grab bags

Okay, here's the deal.  I have a total of 5, count 'em, 5 6"x9" envelopes containing 8-10 decos or slams each.  These are completely random in theme and quality.  (Basically, I dealt out the booklets I had like playing cards into five piles.)  And, these bad boys are up for trade.  I ask for one of three things in return.
1. 2-3 decos with either a dark or unusual theme or feel (preferred!)
2. an envelope of either imagery or other deco supplies
3. a measly buck to help cover postage.
Please keep in mind that I cannot guarantee themes or quality of these decos and slams.  Some are pretty nifty, others are kind of lame.  And I can't promise you won't get one that you made or that you've already worked on.  Also, this is for US folks only due to the postage price for overseas packages.  (Hey, I is poor.)
If you're interested in helping me get these things moving once again, then please email me at cherryflavoredhallie@yahoo.com with "Deco Grab Bag Swap" in the subject line (so that I don't delete it on accident).  Include your address!
(I'm also looking to get back into swapping on a more regular basis, but only a few at a time.  Please email me if you're interested in that, too.)