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Sparkly excess decos!

need decos? have too many of them? then join excess_decos!

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Here is a brand new community dedicated to all the deco swappers in the LJ world. If you don't know what *decos* are this might not be the place for you. There are many sites on the net where you can find infos about the deco world and many groups at Y! where you can get started if you wish.
This community is for experienced decoers and deco swappers who have excess decos to pass on to people they can trust and that would sign them nicely :)
Posting deco scans, chatting, sorting private swaps is encouraged. Whatever you talk about in here, just make sure it's deco related, please.
This community is maintained by: para_giaulz
If you would like to be a co-mod here, feel free to leave a coment anywhere on my private journal!
Want to affiliate your Y! group or deco journal to this community? Let me know!
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