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Labelbags? Please take them off my hands!

I NEEEEEDD to get some labelbags moving! PLEASE EMAIL ME!

I have a ton of good quality ones! Please comment or email me at: popglitz@live.com


Hey guys!

I was wondering, would anyone by chance be willing to send me a postcard for a wall collage I'm making in my room? please please please? I cant offer much besides CA and Sacramento Capitol cards, plus maybe a lake tahoe or reno, and mapcards, or some kawaii stationary. but I reeeeeaaaaalllly want to have an awesome diverse collage!

Please comment or email me at: popglitz@live.com

Thanks guys!


Ive got lots of excess decos, slams, fb's, and LOTSSSS of labelbags! Take them please!


Just wanted to let everyone know that I have the following to pass on:

- slams.
- friendship books.
- crams.
- label bags.
- sticker bags.
- sticker books.
- decos.

please comment or email me at: ohhheynow@gmail.com.

also taking excess and making labels(sticky and non-sticky).


Si anyone by chance looking for new deco swappers? I'm in the US. I also love swapping slams, FB's, and labelbags!

Anyone have excess?

I'd love tot ake over someone's excess! I swap just about anything. :D

Decos & FBs anyone?

Hi! I quit swapping decos for a while, and I have a lot of decos I need to pass on. They are all great to good quality. I have some FBs as well.

Please let me know how many you could take off my hands (in grams maybe?).

Within Europe would be best, but I am willing to ship outside of Europe too!


I have alottt of friendship books to swap! 


I am having the hardest time finding new deco swappers in the US. Does anyone in the US still swap? Lol.